Public Works Department

Govt. of NCT of Delhi

लोक निर्माण विभाग, दिल्ली सरकार

SKV Moti Nagar (School ID - 1516018).
Office Name
Education West Maint Divn/Education Elect Maint Division 2
T.S. Amount
1842.80 Lacs
Progress Details
Date of Start: 09/01/2019
Date of Completion: 06/08/2019
Expected Date of Completion: 31/08/2020
Actual Completion Date:
Civil:  591.22 Lacs (Jun 2020)
Present Position
Civil :  15/06/2020
Structure done. GF, FF, SF, TF AAC block & brick work, window/door fixing done. GF, FF Kota stone flooring, tile in other rooms done & SF, TF in progress. GF granite work in progress. GF, FF, SF, TF Plaster, POP done. GRC tile in progress.
Civil :  15/06/2020